For the first time in the history of New Zealand!!
Mural Print brings Wall Printing, specialized in printing on Vertical Surfaces (Walls) which are eco friendly and environment safe. We offer infinite design and wall printing solutions to suit your needs.
Based on a complete new technology where we print directly on your wall. It can be your logo, advertisements, murals, selfies, illustrations, 3D graphics, photos or any images you think, can be printed on your wall directly. An innovative way to make your business grow, to make your personal space to look more lively and decorative with images of your choice or imagination.

Wall Printing

Wall printing is - your image, photo, logo or other illustration, printed directly on the wall.
Compare it with a wall painting or photo wallpaper. A print on the wall is a UNIQUE look for your company or home.

How it works

You supply or select a desired image. We come to build the printer at your place and print the image directly on your wall with the high quality ink which is immediately dried by means of UV light.
No smell, little noise and no mess.

My idea, My wall, My life

A little "me" corner into your home of heart. You can create your corner, your imagination point in your Kitchen, Garden, Living Room, Bed Room, Exterior Wall etc and give your home that personalized touch. Feel the warmth of your loved destination at your home by customized walls. It can be used as a unique gift for loved ones too. Get your family photos, motivational quotes, inspiring ideas at your wall and get motivated as you get started!!

Creative Spaces Innovative Solutions

Give your business an innovative layout and get best out of your team and clients by Wall Designs, Logos, Quotations, Promotionals, Glass Printings and many more creative ways. You can create an attractive work space be it Salons, Offices, Coffee Shops, Work Stations, Co-working spaces. Give that inspiring touch with a wall printing and get amazing results!!


An exact price is difficult to determine without an image.
The price also depends on several factors.
Contact us to know more.

Type of walls

Why wall printing

Environment Friendly

The prime concern these days is for an idea which is creative but doesn't harm the environment. Our product is one such. It just uses INK, no canvas boards, foam papers, wall papers or even frames. Our Wall Printing will help you save nature along with nurturing your creative insight! You'll be saving the environment by Low Carbon Footprint and Absolutely No Harm to the Trees!! Perfectly Unique harmless way to create an impactful wall and fill your colours of imagination into reality.

Unlimited design

As there is no limit to your Imagination, so your walls too will turn up as you desire.

Customized look

You can use a photo or an illustration to be printed on your wall that gives a customized look in any identical way, for yourself or for innovation/ experience for your customers/ guests. You can use personal taglines, logos, captions to give your wall a perfect personal touch and finish.

Easy maintenance

Wall prints are easy to maintain, smooth, hygienic and sterile. The wall prints are therefore excellent for public areas, office spaces, personal spaces and space for commercial let outs.

Exterior of choice

It won't spoil your wall as no drilling is done, it is printed directly on the wall, on an exterior of your choice - Cladding, Gib board, cement, putty wall, brick, metal, wood, glass and ceramic.

Fire Protection

With a wall print, the possibility of fire is less compared to wallpapers, paintings, foils etc.

Less time

Printing on the wall takes less time, depending on the picture quality and size. On average, printing a photo or image on the mural takes just over an hour for 3 - 4 square meters of wall print.


Wall prints cannot be stolen.