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We can print on any type of glass. It is very important that it is grease-free. If it is fully transparent glass then we tape the back so that the laser, which measures the distance, does not see through it.

The printer head cannot get into the corners. 

By default, an image starts about 30 cm from the floor.

The height of the room must also be taken into account. Printer can print up to 30cm below the room. 

This depends entirely on the requirements. If there are several images, there will be of course be an attractive discount and a suitable quote will be made on a project basis.
Generally the first square meter costs the most and works the most.

Yes it is scratch resistant. High quality UV ink is used. This ink is instantly dried and cured during printing by UV light.

Over the years, if you would like to change the printed image with a new design, we can undertake the same or it can also be removed by ordinary painting process without any hassles.

Images that are downloaded may be copyright protected. We advise to check this carefully. We supply the images as well.  We have got dedicated graphics design team and they customize images to suit your requirement. Please check our graphic design page for details. Sites where images can be legally downloaded:

  • Pixabay
  • Shutterstock
  • Istockphoto
  • Unsplash
  • Stockphoto
  • Adobe Stock

If the floor is not flat or level, we can still come and print, with flexible level jacks.